“Very knowledgeable and engaging speakers”

“Strategies and assessment tools presented were very helpful and will be used in presentation materials within my agency”

“Able to make theory connection to real life examples”

Thank you for sharing your experiences and expertise on this topic. We've had some wonderful feedback from the training sessions we've offered and that is thanks to your guidance and support.

Community Living Glengarry

Deb Richards and Dr. Shelley Watson are a dynamic team passionately committed to improving the quality of live of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities , Autism Spectrum Disorders and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
It has been my honour and privilege to hear their dynamic presentations, co-present with them and read the scholarly contributions they have made to further the understanding of the assessment and support of individuals statistically a huge risk of being victimized over their lifetimes.
Shelley and Deb live the core values that they teach, each and every day.
I, with no reservations, highly recommend their consultative services.

"Thanks so much for all your support over the last 2 years. Looking forward to training with you for years to come"

Sudbury, ON

“Great training opportunity, as well as great support network. They are just a quick email away."

Almonte, Ontario

"This kind of training should be standardized province-wide!"

“Both were excellent and had a great dynamic presenting together”

“Thanks to your expertise and contacts in the field the gentleman we support is doing great. Your knowledge and professionalism helped us put in place the supports he needed to live successfully in the community. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”

Manager of a community agency serving individuals with disabilities

“Appreciative of your dedication to the people we serve and the great work you’ve done in putting this program on abuse together; it is so timely with all the changes that have come and are coming down the pipe in the DS sector”

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