TTAAC Training

Train the Trainer Abuse Awareness Certificate (TTAAC)

Quality Assurance Measures: Regulation 299/10 requires that each staff member and volunteer at all developmental services across Ontario be trained in abuse awareness, identification, and reporting. This two-day “training the trainer” workshop will provide participants with expert knowledge, informed by current empirical research and the tools to disseminate the information throughout their agency.

Participants will be taught through the use of a comprehensive workbook; develop in depth skills and knowledge of the history of abuse; learn the definitions of abuse and neglect, the Canadian Criminal Code and legal implications; reporting practices; and strategies on developing safer environments to decrease the potential dangers of abuse and neglect.

Finally, participants will obtain effective training strategies/skills to take back to their respective agencies to support optimal staff training.

What are the benefits to you and your agency?

  • Trainers will become proficient in disability and abuse issues;
  • Trainers will attain skills to effectively teach and train adult learners;
  • Trainers’ newly developed teaching skills and strategies are transferrable to a variety of in service training within their agency;
  • Trainers will become an important resource to their agencies once they become certified;
  • Agencies will be provided with one hour of complimentary training related consultation from DS Consulting, to be used in the year certification is completed.

What can participants expect during the TTAAC process?

  • Participants will receive 2 intensive days of training in accordance with Regulation 299/10; training will run from 8:30am to 4:30pm; lunch/snacks will be provided.
  • Upon completion of the two-day training, a final test will be administered, after which a Training the Trainer Abuse Awareness
    Certificate (TTAAC) will be issued. Participants will be certified to conduct training in their respective agencies.
  • The TTAAC is valid for 2 years. In order to comply with Regulation 299/10, trainers must maintain certification; trainers will be required to take an online refresher course on alternate years.
  • Certified trainers will be qualified to train and certify staff in: Abuse Awareness, Identification & Reporting.

How will this training support agency mandates for Regulation 299/10?

  • Manuals with step-by-step instruction will be provided to each participant upon TTAAC certification to support consistent staff training within agencies across the province.
  • TTAAC certified trainers will provide training to their respective agencies; staff members will complete the same training with the use of the workbook and final test.* Completed training provides each trainee with an “Abuse Awareness, Identification & Reporting Certificate”, valid for one year.
  • Agency training must be conducted yearly to be in compliance with Regulation 299/10. Refresher/test booklets can be obtained from DS Consulting.

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