Individual Consultation

Risk Assessments for Individuals who have Problematic Sexual Behaviours

In order to provide the management and treatment of problematic sexual behaviours, a comprehensive appraisal of risk and risk manageability is not only necessary but critical to the success outcome. DS Consulting provides such an assessment. Risk is appraised through the use of a number of standardized assessment tools. The risk appraisal will provide agencies, families and the individual with an exclusive list of recommendations towards the development of a respectful treatment plan consistent with the bio-psycho-social model of assessment. This approach is in line with the Ministry of Community and Social Services Quality Assurance Measures.

“People with intellectual disabilities who sexually offend have the same fundamental right to access effective and comprehensive treatment with the goal of improving quality of life…..” (Watson, Richards, Hayes, Lecomte, & Taua, 2012).


Psychotherapy and Counselling

People who have intellectual disabilities can benefit from counselling. In a client-centered approach and according to the person’s limitations, psychotherapy is offered by adapting and modifying traditional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, in a learning/behavioural approach. Given that people with intellectual disabilities are at an increased risk of mental health disorders, therapy can be an effective way to support their needs, either through the development of coping strategies or changing past behaviours. DS Consulting can provide individual client-centered therapy to persons with disabilities.


Group Therapy

There is power in group treatment for people with intellectual disabilities. Choosing group therapy can be one of the most formidable interventions for challenging behaviour. Traditional models of group therapy are modified to meet the needs and create change for people with intellectual disabilities. Topics that may be beneficial include social skills, relationship building, anger management, and healthy sexuality. Specialized groups can be arranged by DS Consulting.


Person Direct Planning

Families are now able to support their family better in a planned way. Passport funding (up to $2,500.00) can be used to develop a person-directed plan that builds on the individual’s strengths and interests. Achieving these goals requires the identification of the required supports and resources. DS Consulting can provide goal centered planning that includes approaches and strategies, which provide the family with the necessities in attaining their loved one’s life goals.


Social Sexual Assessment

In order to support a person with a developmental disability in relationships, it is important to have a good understanding of their social skills and sexual relationships. Utilizing the Social Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes Tool – Revised (SSKAAT-R) along with collateral information, an assessment can be beneficial in understanding. Please contact DS Consulting for more information regarding the assessment services we provide.

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